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Angie R.

“They are the reason I am able to do and accomplish a lot in my life that I never thought I’d be able to because of a debilitating disease and pain. I’ve always been treated with compassion and understanding and cannot say enough positive about all the staff. They look after not just your pain, but you as a person. They make sure you’re safe with all treatments and hold you accountable for also taking care of yourself. It’s a long journey with chronic pain and they are the best at educating and caring while also helping you to understand how to help yourself. I’m able to be a firefighter and EMT because of them and I’ll always be grateful for their help and what they’ve taught me about taking care of my pain safely.”

Tammy M.

“I’ve lost weight and gained mobility! Both vital to my happiness and independence. I came into your establishment many moons ago with a walker. And today I’m walking, look great and feel great!”

Jennifer H.

“The best doctors, professional, kind and understanding. Their new office building is magnificent.”

Martha V.

“I have heard a lot of good things about the doctors & staff, and I know that I needed help. So, I’m very grateful that I chose you.”

Beverley Y.

“Wonderful caring staff who have successfully treated my back pain and arthritic conditions.”

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