Posted - September 30, 2017

Don’t let your depression treatment change your trajectory.

You Have a Whole Lot of Living to Do: 

The crippling effects of depression lead many people to take drastic measures in order to find some type of relief. The most common way for people who suffer from depression is to seek out and find doctors who readily prescribe antidepressants. However, studies suggest that antidepressants are only moderately effective, especially during the first six to eight weeks of use. Some in the psychiatric field believe that antidepressants only have a moderate to low ability to fight off depression.

Medication Management
Antidepressants are the front line of defense in the treatment of bi-polar disorder, clinical depression and many anxiety disorders. However, doctors often use antidepressants to replace other treatment options that provide patients with more long-term relief, such as intense psychotherapy. The term medication management is common in the healthcare industry and even more common in the psychiatric field as doctors with limited time tend toto prescribe antidepressants rather than employing an intense program of psychotherapy.

Limited Psychiatric Care
Many people throughout the world have limited access to psychiatric care due to factors such as their current economic and social conditions. People with mental disorders often suffer through the crippling effects and their quality of life diminishes to the point of suicidal ideation in some cases. If people do have access to some form of psychiatric treatment, the only available option is treatment through the use of antidepressants. From an ethical standpoint, doctors must make their patients aware that treatment with antidepressants is only moderately effective and in some instances ineffective.

Some Facts about Depression
Clinical depression is a misunderstood condition, and most people do not recognize that it is a real disease. The stigma that is depression often forces people to hide their condition out of embarrassment, disgrace or shame. This attitude leaves little room for proven alternative treatment methods keeping people who suffer from living active, healthy and happy lives.

If you suffer from depression and have limited access to any psychiatric treatment, you must take charge of your health and remain proactive in your own treatment plan. Healthy diets, exercise, drinking plenty of water and educating yourself are only a few of the proven methods to help stave off the effects of depression. You have a whole lot of living to do, so do not let depression define the rest of your life. Reach out to Paragon Pain + Rehab today to see if TMS Treatment for depression may be right for you.

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