Posted - July 10, 2021

Suboxone Treatment + Counseling = Freedom from Opioid Addiction

In the treatment of opioid addiction, medication assisted treatment (MAT), has gained popularity over traditional inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Suboxone is the gold standard in medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Often seen as a miracle drug, Suboxone treatment gives many people addicted to opioids the relief they need to find hope for recovery. Many patients prefer treatment without traditional, inpatient, 12-step based rehab. The use of Suboxone in conjunction with therapy is proven to be effective to help those with opioid addiction.

Suboxone offers physical relief from dependence on opioids in addicted individuals and is prescribed on an out-patient basis. The medication itself is an opioid derivative. It reacts in the body in the same way as other opioids, however it does not produce the desired high that drug users seek. Instead, it removes anxiety, depression, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms while allowing the body and mind to heal. It is from this calmer state of body and mind that a person begins to break their physical dependence on opioids and move toward recovery.

Suboxone, when used properly under the care of a trained physician, helps patients manage their addiction while working through related issues with a therapist.

Suboxone is part of a medication assisted treatment plan, meaning that it is used in conjunction with therapy, and monitoring by a trained physician. Counseling is crutial to deal with the emotions and circumstances that led to drug abuse, learn new patterns of behavior, and reduce the risk of relapse. Suboxone treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs and is provided in the private and respectful setting of a physicians office.

Paragon Pain and Rehabilitation offers complete diagnosis and treatment services for addiction, including medicated assisted treatment with Suboxone. We offer Suboxone treatment with Board Certified Addiction specialists via telemedicine to patients located in Texas and Oklahoma and we accept most insurance plans. 

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